Debbie, one of my long-time students, sent me a question yesterday:

“Would you write a blog post on stuck prana?  How does it get stuck.  And what can you do to shake it loose?”

BreathPrana:  What is it?

It is very easy to get all kinds of crazy when we start talking about Prana.  First, prana and Prana are not the same things.  Prana with a lower case P is breath.  Prana with a capital P is the body’s vital life force or energy.  It’s also, somewhat mistakenly, called spirit.  Many have never heard of Prana but most people have Chi or Qi, this is just Prana by a different name.  The main vehicle for Prana to enter the body is through breath—food is another vehicle but that is another post for another day.

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The Little Red Book of Yoga Wisdom Book Cover The Little Red Book of Yoga Wisdom
Kelsie Besaw
Skyhorse Publishing
2 January 2014
Publisher provided review copy

“Yoga has many interpretations, and it has many teachers. From ancient yogis such as Buddha to more modern experts such as B. K. S. Iyengar, there is much wisdom to be gleaned from these pages, and there is much that can be discarded. As many say in the yoga world, if something does not work for you, then it is not true for you. There have been countless yogis and yoga experts throughout history, delving into the deepest meanings of yoga as well as scratching its most shallow surface. As readers will discover from this inspirational collection of yoga wisdom, there is no one way to do yoga, see yoga, or feel yoga.”

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The Path to Love

I wrote yesterday that for most of my life—until March 18th of this year, to be exact—I wholeheartedly believed that I was a failure and I was constantly setting myself up to make that belief reality.  I’ve lived with another personal demon for a very long time:  I believed that I was unlovable and I actively hated myself.  Further, I believed that I deserved to be punished for being so unlovable.  If that isn’t crazy, I don’t know what is.

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Most Peculiar Flower

The Return

Yesterday I posted an entry I wrote in January about the first half of the Conscious Crossover training at the Amrit Yoga Institute.  What I saw happening around me was amazing:  One friend I’ve known for a few years now experienced the reality that she doesn’t have to fight with everything in her life.  As she shared this experience with the group, her face was radiant, she looked 10 years younger but the most wonderful part was the look of amazement and delight on her face.

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Last July I returned to the Amrit Yoga Institute—the Ashram—for an advanced training with Kamini.  During my evaluation with her, Kamini told me that Chandrakant had requested I be part of the teaching team for the 2014 Level II teacher training and said she had agreed with him unequivocally.  Every teacher training I’ve been in had around 40 participants; so, I was anticipating meeting many new people and seeing some familiar faces.  I was also very excited at the notion of working with three people who have helped me grow in ways I never thought imaginable:  Gurudev, Kamini and Chandrakant.


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Saturday’s Snippets

Morning Sadhana and Darshan with Gurudev

“All of existence is watching over you.” ~ Chandrakant

“When you know who you are, it is very relaxing.  We are unified experience” ~ Gurudev

“When I teach you, it is not to change you.  I teach you the map that will change you if you travel it.” ~ Gurudev

“When you see the other as the problem, it is because you believe the other is the solution.” ~Gurudev

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What’s your path?

Here are two quick snippets from darshan with Gurudev this morning:

“When reactions come up, it is your unresolved past reincarnating in the present trying to resolve itself.  This is the core of reincarnation.”

“Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, it is all one.  You can’t chant without the action of breathing and that is Karma, action.   It is all one.”

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