Yoga Affect: A Primer for a Beautiful Life Book Cover Yoga Affect: A Primer for a Beautiful Life
Sandra Zuidema
Self Help
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September 16, 2016
Paperback & Kindle
296 (paperback)
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"Take an unprecedented look at yoga--and its numerous benefits for body, mind, and inspiring a purposeful life--with author Sandra Zuidema's comprehensive new book, Yoga Affect. While much has been made of yoga's physical benefits, the same cannot be said of its power to improve mental and spiritual wellness--until now. Sandra's experiences from yoga teacher trainings, seminars, workshops, ashrams, and travel to India convinced her to break down complex albeit neglected history, research, and therapies of yoga science. She starts at the beginning--from ancient origins to cutting-edge scientific research--guiding readers through modern developments, such as healing chronic disease, addiction recovery, and pain management. All the while, Sandra leads you down your path of truth, encouraging you to discover how yoga can spark a chain reaction of health and well-being, one that first affects you, then others--broadening influence, awareness, and inspiration. And now you can shift theory to experience with the companion book, Yoga Affect: A Guided Journal, where you will find essential details and writing prompts encouraging you to dig even deeper."

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Keep Calm and Love

keep-calm-and-love-2086136This morning I have wondered, as I often do, how I can ease the fear and suffering of others today; especially today?  I see so much fear today.  As I turned my desire to hug the world over, my wife sent me a message that George was struggling because of the election.

As we chatted, I realized that what I was sharing with him is what I need to share with you this morning.

love-conquers-fearThere were no burning buildings, raging mobs or zombie hordes running around as I drove to work this morning.  Many people feel like that is what must be happening but it isn’t.

Our government has checks and balances to keep any one branch of government from going nuts.  It’s the fear of everyday people that will cause us more problems than the election.  So, how do we conquer fear?

Love.  We love each other.

My love for you.  Your mom’s love for you.  Those will never change.

Let yourself feel your love for others.  Look for ways to share that love today.  See if it changes the fear you feel.

Jai Bhagwan

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Mirror, Mirror


On Sunday morning, I saw the image at the left.  I read the text and let it sink in.  I nodded gently and continue to scroll through my Facebook feed.  This was a lesson I learned early from Gurudev.  I wrote a little snippet about it on the day I first heard Gurudev talk about it in 2009.  He summarized his lecture with, “Your ability to live with yourself is revealed in how you live with the other.”

There are still moments in traffic when I need to be reminded of this.  I’ll yell “Well, that was stupid!” and about three seconds later a reminder that I’m reacting will float through my mind.  That will make me shake my head and start to laugh at myself.  I can then pinpoint why I was yelling, usually because I feel rushed, and then laugh a little more at myself.

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The Unexpected

7 Days to Something PodcastChristian, Finn and Gunnar—the voices of 7 Days To Something—interviewed me Friday morning.  Gunnar said he found my voice very soothing.  Naturally, they asked if my voice has always been like that.  What happened next was something like the video below, at least it was in my head.

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Adventure Time!

imageWhen my grandmother was dying, she said to me, “Ty, you can cry because you’ll miss me but don’t you dare cry for me.  I am looking forward to this, it’s my next great adventure.”

I have always taken comfort in her words but today, they shine in a whole new way.  If death was her *next* great adventure then life was her present great adventure.

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I Don’t Know Who I Am!

Who Am I

This morning I saw a quiz on Facebook that asked, “Which 4 friends are you a combination of?”  These types of quizzes are very popular right now.  Why?  Most of us have no idea who we are.  When I was little, I often heard a mocking tone as people talked about others running off to “find themselves.”  I watch some of those same voices as they publish quiz results on Facebook.  What mythical creature are you?  How old is your soul?  How many gnomes live in your earlobes?

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Time Bound


In 2009, I began practicing Amrit Yoga.  That was the first time I had heard the Asatoma Prayer.  I have chanted it well over a thousand times since then.  One line always seems to cause trouble because it is so contrary to the way we tend to live.  Mrityorma Amritam Gamaya, the traditional interpretation of this is, “Lead me from the illusion of death to immortality.”  Gurudev interprets this as, “Lead me from a time bound consciousness to a timeless state of BE-ing.”  Immortality is great but not really practical at this moment.  Understanding the timeless state of BE-ing is very practical.

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