A Rose By Any Other Name . . . .

At Gurudev’s 85th birthday, he awarded me and eight others the title of Senior Teacher of the Lineage.

During Gurudev’s 90th birthday gala last weekend, he awarded me and two others, Hasu Coulter and John Vosler, the title of Acharya.
What is an Acharya? This is the description of an Acharya given five years ago.

ACHARYA.  These awardees demonstrate masterful qualities of leadership and are capable of carrying the teachings to the world-at-large.  They are well versed in scripture so that they recognize and can interpret scripture in relation to the teachings in today’s world.  They exude an essence/a presence and an outstanding ability to “transmit” through both words and energy the core teachings of this lineage.

My wonderful wife, Shanna, videoed when I was given the award. Watch the video and then I’ll tell you what I noticed and experienced at the time.


The first thing I noticed was that when Kamini called John and Hasu up, she used their first name. When she called me forward, she said, "Acharya Ramdas."

I could hardly walk. In the video you can see my whole body trembles. This was not from nerves nor from excitement. This is what is known as a prana-kriya. Energy was moving so quickly and powerfully through my body that it caused my whole body to shake.

I had my hands in prayer position, anjali mudra, and they were directly in front of my face. I quickly recognized this hand position as a shield to hide behind. The moment I recognize that, the hands dropped down to the sides with the palms facing toward Kamini.

After Kamini handed me the framed certificate, I set it on the table and dropped to my knees. I felt absolutely compelled to offer my devotion, love and gratitude at Kamini’s and then Gurudev’s feet.

I mentioned a secret that Gurudev told me. On August 4th, Gurudev and I were on a zoom call together for a dictation session. He said, "Are you sitting down?" Yes. "I have a secret I want to tell you." OK "I’m not supposed to tell you but, I’m going to tell you."

Gurdev did not say that he wanted to give me the title of Acharya. He said, "I’m going to give you the title of Yoga Acharya." We talked about what that means for a few minutes. Then he said, "But I don’t know when we should do it." I suggested that his 90th birthday gala would be highly appropriate.

YOGA ACHARYA. They are a master teacher, charismatic and their life is an embodiment of the teachings. By way of their teaching and being, energetic transformational shifts are created in others.


We talked about this again and again over the next few dictation sessions. About a week later, I had the sudden realization that the certificate I would receive would not say "Yoga Acharya" nor "Yogacharya". I knew it would actually say, "Acharya" as it does. I can give many reasons why that is the case, but at this point they are simply my own stories. They’re good and uplifting stories but I don’t need to tell them.

Why am I telling you this story? First, let me tell you some of the other titles Gurudev has officially and unofficially given me over the years: "Not a philosopher", Ramdas, Senior Teacher, Swami who lives as a householder, Yogi, Yogacharya, Acharya.

None of these titles are who I AM; yet, I treasure them all.

Who I AM is universal, unchanging and timeless. No title can alter THAT. I AM THAT. YOU ARE THAT.

The most accurate awarded title is the one I received the next day as my beloved Shanna and my beloved Gurudev talked together.


Did you notice what the title was?


Enjoy the Adventure!
Jai Bhagwan