You’re Asking The Wrong Question

People, teachers and students alike, always ask the wrong question when it comes to yoga. Myself included.

The wrong question is: What kind of yoga do you teach or have you practiced?

This is absolutely the wrong question.

Asking what kind of yoga do you teach or practice implies there’s a right kind of yoga. That postures are better than meditation. The pranayama is somehow superior to japa mala. The Hatha yoga is better than Vinyasa yoga. My teacher is better than your teacher. My yoga is better than your yoga.

What is the right question? What is the only question that’s actually worth asking?

The only question worth asking is what has yoga revealed to you? That’s the only worthwhile question.

So, I ask that question of you no:

What has yoga revealed to you?

Put your answer in the comments below. Please do not put your answer in the Facebook post that might’ve brought you here.


Jai Bhagwan