Yoga Sucks!

That is likely not a title that you might expect on a blog titled, Everyday Yoga, now is it? Why on earth would I use such a title?  Well, yoga does exactly that:  It sucks what we have buried down deep right up to the surface.  When our crap bubbles up to the surface, we have three choices:  Push it back down again.  Let it go.  Wallow in it until we can’t stand it anymore and THEN push it back down or let it go.  Our normal tendency is to either push what we don’t like back down or wallow in it for a while and then push it down again.  Why?  Do we really think holding onto those things that bring us misery and suffering will somehow, someday, bring us joy and happiness or do we, for some reason, feel that we deserve to suffer and so hold onto our miseries to suffer another day?

The best part of this process is that everything always seems to happen at once.  Car breaks down, spouse stops smoking, the boss lays you off and your mother-in-law moves in with you.  We both know this didn’t just happen to you but I’ll bet you can feel your buttons being pushed just reading that list.  That’s life bringing up your crap.  How about when you realize that you are insecure, petty, close minded and co-dependent?  That’s yoga bringing up your crap.

Why on earth would anyone ever want to practice yoga if it’s going to bring up stuff like that?  Isn’t life rough enough without yoga doing that to me?  Life pushes our buttons whether we are ready for it or not.  Yoga pushes our buttons when you need them pushed, when we are ready to let them go.

Let me be honest, I do not like having my buttons pushed whether by life or by yoga but more especially by life.  It’s uncomfortable.  I know, however, that when I recognize a button being pushed, I have recognized an opportunity to let go of the button.  I would rather not have life push my buttons willy-nilly but I cannot change that. I would rather that yoga bring them up when I am most ready to learn and grow from them. The best part of it all is that although life continues to push my buttons, yoga has already taught me how to let go of them—if I am willing—and being free of my own buttons is the most wonderful gift I can give myself.

Are you brave enough to face yourself on a yoga mat? Are you brave enough to find freedom?

Jai Bhagwan