The Challenge

Last year, I attended a program at the Amrit Yoga Institute called Prana Awakening.  As the program came to an end, Gurudev made a very interesting statement.  He said, “Establishing your connection with the Guru is easy, sustaining your connection is hard.”

As I studied in preparation for teaching about swadhyaya for a workshop last month, I found a very powerful statement: We must not turn away from our sadhana no matter what.  As part of my commitment to my own sadhana and sustaining my connection to the Guru, I will post here every day and write what my sadhana has been for the day.  This is not another of those 30 day challenges.  This is become part of my own sadhana, reporting to you about my sadhana every day.  Folks, if I don’t write it here, it didn’t happen.  My challenge to you is to do the same whether in a simple blog, on facebook, as an email to me or another person, as a comment to my own posts, anything.  If you want me to follow you on your sadhana journey, just leave a comment below telling me where to read about your own practice.

Until tomorrow’s post, Jai Bhagwan!