Day 2 Lunch Time

While practicing this morning, I allowed myself to not push, to not force the poses.  That had to be one of the most intense, in every way, practices I’ve ever had.

We also met with Gurudev (Amrit Desai) this morning.  What a delightful man he is!  Our difficulties come in want/expecting things and from making expectations of ourselves and of others.  Why are we basing our happiness upon things which we cannot control?  Why do I need to have someone else give me happiness, can I not simply look inside myself and find it?  As that is so, why not simply be happy?

Chandrakant—one of the instructors—says that Yoga is like a hammer, we can either use it to build a beautiful house or we can use it to destroy a beautiful house but the hammer is still just a hammer.  As we listened to Gurudev, I realized that I am my own hammer, I cannot be another’s hammer.