End of Day 1

lotusWhat a day!  Some quick highlights and then I’m off to bed:

Today was only a half day officially but I was able to join in with the staff and residents in morning sadhana.  It was at once invigorating and very relaxing, what a great way to start the day!  I had free time from then until lunch so I spent most of the time studying with an occasional break to talk with the others here.  One conversation that is worth noting was with Jagdish.  We talked about why I chose Amrit Yoga training and how I curently teach.  One comment he had was that he likes to think of our bodily sensations as the language of the body and that Yoga is the process of learning to speak the language of the body or rather, it is the process of listening to and understanding that language.

At 4PM we had our first official sadhana with Prakash.  He is a very good teacher and reallly wanted us to push ourselves but not in the sense of having perfect poses but rather in the sense of forgetting ourselves and focusing on our sensations.  The practice was very intense.  This evening we had a two hour session giving an overview of what we would be covering and learning who our mentors will be.  My mentor is Priti.

All in all, it was a very good day.