Sharing From the Heart: Life Saving

200312947-001You may not know this but Yoga saved my life.  For years I lived with severe bouts of depression, I am not sure when they first began but I do know that the accompanying thoughts of suicide began before I was 8 years old.  Over the years, those thoughts turned to plans and those plans eventually turned to action.  Thankfully, those actions taken long ago and in a far away country were thwarted.  Still, I struggled for years and suicide was often on my agenda.

For years, Yoga helped me to continue fighting to stay alive despite my continued desire to die.  That all changed dramatically when I began my practice of Amrit Yoga in 2009.  From that April to this day I have not had a single suicidal thought and I haven’t experienced any severe depression.  Yoga had kept me alive but Amrit Yoga saved my life.

</p class=”indented”>I want to share with you how Amrit Yoga saved my life and two very simple techniques that will overcome_anxiety_large dramatically change your relationship with stress.  Please join me November 29th at Nahunta Hall in Lindon, Utah  for a fantastic evening of Discovery, Music and Wonder.

Jai Bhagwan