Sharing From the Heart

Each year as I teach Yoga, I see how it changes lives.  Some report that their anxiety disappears and others that they lose weight or that they feel healthier and stronger.  The one thing everyone usually reports is that the feel happier, more at ease, in their day to day lives.  That is the reason I teach Yoga, to watch as these simple practices lead people into greater happiness and ease.  Of these many stories I’ve heard over the years, one of my favorites came in the form of a letter from a 12 year old girl:  “Thank you for helping my mother see how happy she can be.”

There are many in our community that have tremendous needs that cannot be met simply by coming to a Yoga practice.  They are the hungry and the homeless among us.  Yoga and similar practices can still bring ease and increased happiness but it does not fill bellies with warm food nor does it cover shivering bodies with warm clothes, at least not directly.

I invite you to join me on November 29th at 7PM for an enjoyable evening of discovery, music and wonder that will help fill some of those empty bellies with warm food and cover those shivering shoulders with warm coats and blankets.


Over the next few days, I’ll share some of what you will discover and a bit of the wonder.  See you then!

Jai Bhagwan