Daily Sadhana: Day 2

Today’s Practice
5 minutes of meditation
20 seconds of plank

Yesterday I started a year long dedication to a daily Yoga practice.  Last night just before I went to bed, I sat for my five minutes of meditation and 20 seconds of plank.  The moment I stepped out of bed, I did the same and this was intentional.  Yesterday I wrote “Set a time for your daily practice.  The same time every day.  Be religious about this time.”  There will be a few days when that isn’t possible, practice as soon as you can.


I have been meditating for a long time and five minutes vanishes in just a few breaths.  Moving from my seated position to plank is almost like moving in a dream:  One moment I am there sitting on the floor and the next I find myself on my elbows in plank.  I can remember the transition but even though I move slowly and deliberately, that transition seems like it never happened.

Have you started the first day of your own Year of Yoga?  Share what your experience has been so far either in the comments below or in the Facebook Daily Sadhana group.  If you haven’t started, start today!

Jai Bhagwan