The Primal Touch

Throwback Thursday continues here at Everyday Yoga.  Do you remember this one?  For those of you at Yoga Nidra last night, this may remind you some of our discussion about cathartic releases.


Yoga, the epitome of serenity, tranquility and peace.  This is the view that most of us take of what a yoga class is and that even if there are sounds of great effort that there is still a strong undercurrent of calm and peace.  Which helps explain why a student might be concerned about feeling the urgent need to vocalize, such as letting out a yell, during class.  Is it appropriate or not?  Before you answer the question, try this experiment:  Find a place where you are completely alone, I find my car a good spot for this.  Now, think about letting out the loudest primal scream you can muster.  Feel it building up inside you.  What is your mind’s reaction?  Let that scream continue to build until it is fairly bursting out of you and then let it rush out in a worldless roar of emotion and release.  Now feel the impact that scream had, what do you feel?  What are the contents of the mind?  How do they compare with before the scream?

Give me some feedback on what you experience and tomorrow night I’ll give you my thoughts on the subject.

Jai Bhagwan!