The Challenge: Act in Love, Day 2

bridgeHow did you do with yesterday’s challenge?  I was amazed at my own reluctance to do tell my own family that I loved them.  That was something we didn’t do as children and it wasn’t any easier to begin yesterday either.  I actually felt silly for wanting to say and do it!  I attended a family Christmas party and as the party began to wind down, I started giving hugs and saying “I love you” to each family member.  With each hug and uttered word, what I was doing became easier and I was able to better feel the love that was returned to me.

Today’s challenge will take a bit more determination.  We all have broken bridges in our relationships.  Some bridges are just in disrepair and others have fallen to the chasm floor, far below.  Pick one of those bridges and do what you can to begin repairing or rebuilding it.  This can be something as simple as writing a letter or as courageous as going to their door and talking with them.

What should you say?  Say two things:  First, say that you miss them and second tell them that you love them.  Say nothing more than that and accept whatever they say or do in response.

Yoga is the science of the soul, of peace and joy and love; yet, yoga is well known for teaching warrior pose.  Why would anything focused on peace and joy and love need warriors?  Warriors are needed because some actions, such as my challenge for today, demand a warrior’s courage.

Much Love