Meditations on Sorrow and a Challenge

Sorrowing AngelDo you feel sorrow or grief because of yesterday’s events?  That is entirely natural and, to a degree, healthy.  Do you feel guilt because of yesterday’s events?  Some in the area where this happened feel so guilty that they are taking down decorations.  Stop.  Stop right now.  There is not a single one of us living that should feel guilty for being alive and enjoying life.  Celebrate, those children would definitely not want their deaths to make you feel guilty.

Many are trying to make sense of this.  Stop.  You cannot make sense of it, it was a senseless act, an act of madness and none of us can understand the madness that caused this man to act as he did.  Can you imagine a life so bleak that this would be the only solution you could see before you?  I know I cannot, no sane person can but this man did.

Why do things like this happen?  As a society, we are becoming more and more isolated and disconnected.  How connected are you to your neighbors?  Do you know their favorite activities or hobbies or where they work or who their parents are or when their birthday is?  Do you even know their names?  We are becoming, more and more, a nation without love.  Without love, we become disconnected and isolated.  Isolated, we cannot protect each other, cannot care for each other.

This man’s mind was broken to where he saw such horrible violence as the only answer to end his own suffering.  Where was the love and care he needed to protect him BEFORE he reached this point?

The Challenge

grandpahugAct in love.

I challenge myself and each of you that reads this to act in love every day.  From now until Christmas I will post a new daily challenge to remind us all to act in love.

Today’s challenge has multiple parts: First, go to your mirror and look into your own eyes.  See yourself, all the shiny bits and all the warty parts and say aloud, “I love you, Ramdas.”  Of course, use your own name in there please. 🙂  Do it now and before you go to bed.  Do it every day for the rest of your life at least once a day.

Second, hug every family member you see today, look into their eyes and tell them you love them just like you did for yourself. “I love you, Grandpa. ”

Big Love to each of you!