Sadhana—Day 3

03:55 Asanas—60 minutes

I did not want to gt out of bed and practice this morning, not because the hour was too early but because the house was freezing!  Shanna, my wonderful wife, turned the furnace off Monday to air the house out and forgot to turn it on again.  Thankfully, a few rounds of Surya Namaskar always warms up my body to a nice temperature.  The nausea returned but this time during Virabhadrasana I.  No stopping today as that desire to stop practice was not there at all.

05:30 Japa mala—20 minutes

  • find a quiet place. sit down on a tatami mat. relax. sitarghten your shoulders and back. place your hands on your lap or knees. close your eyes. breathe. listen to your surroundings calmly. sound of birds. breeze. just do so and you’ll feel energized.