Sadhana—Day 2

03:45 Asanas—60 minutes

When I came to standing yoga mudra, I just wanted to stop.  I felt nausea along with a wave of futility but no actual pain or other warning signals that I needed to stop, I just wanted to stop.  For a moment, I rationalized that I could move into Yoga Nidra and it would still be sadhana which is quite true but, again, I knew that this was simply a desire to not be in postures right then.  I did not move, thoughts skittered here and there on the surface.  I just felt the nausea and wanting to stop postures and it felt horrible.  The thought of continuing was horrible and the thought of stopping was horrible; so, I waited.  In a moment, something changed and postures were no longer horrible.

05:30 Japa mala—20 minutes
16:45 Japa mala—25 minutes