Long or Short?

How long should sadhana last?  Is an hour enough?  What about 30 minutes?  Is it possible to spend too much time?  What about two hours or three?  Bapuji spent 10 hours a day, what good is my 30 minutes when compared with that?

So, how long should sadhana be?  It should be sufficient.  If you have only 30 minutes you can devote to your sadhana, then 30 minutes must be sufficient.  If you have five hours free, that does not mean you must devote five hours to sadhana; rather, devote sufficiient time to still the mind but do not forget that you must continue to live everyday life as well.

If you are devoted to sadhana then you will find the unimportant things make way that there is sufficient time for your sadhana.

Jai Bhagwan!