Morning or Evening?

When is the right time to practice?  As I begin sadhana each morning, the joints creak and the muscles are stiff and the creaking and stiffness remain throughout.  As I begin sadhana in the evenings, there is some stiffness but it quickly fades.  The body, without question, is more supple in the evening.

Why begin sadhana in the morning then?  Why rise hours before dawn in the cold of the day?  There are practical reasons, morning sadhana leaves time in the evening that I may eat a meal with my family.  It also means that the effect of sadhana carries throughout the day.  Both are excellent reasons, although one is more excellent than the other but neither is the reason for morning sadhana.

It is easy and pleasant and good to walk the gently rolling and sunlit foothills.  It is impossible to see what is beyond the mountains by walking among the foothills.

Jai Bhagwan!