What Did You Expect?

Jai Bhagwan!

OM“Expectations are merely frustrations waiting to happen,” says Gurudev.  Because things had moved so very quickly last week, I had expected that things would continue to move rapidly.  Not so!  For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, allow me to explain:

Before leaving for Florida, my intent upon returning home was to continue programming by day, teaching by night until I finished my bachelors.  I would teach the occasional private lesson and finish the Level II certification and finally a masters degree in teaching Yoga.  While in Florida, I realized I should be doing more with Yoga and so decided to contact my cousin, who works in the state corrections department, about bringing Amrit Yoga to the prison system.  On the flight home, I had a very singular experience:  I felt a man brush my right shoulder as he went down the aisle toward the front of the plane.  I heard him distinctly say, “There is no time.”  At the same time, my attention was drawn to the video screen of the chair next to me.  It was showing an episode of Intervention dealing with a young man named Gabe.  Tumblers rolled and it clicked, take Amrit Yoga to the rehab centers not as entertainment or as exercise as so many already do but as an intergral part of the treatment program.

When I returned to work last Wednesday, I spent nearly an hour with my supervisor talking about what I wanted to do.  I left his office with these words, “If you follow through with this, you will make a difference in people’s lives.”  Next stop was the receptionist’s desk.  I told her what I was wanting to do and she calmly said, “You know Carol is on the board of directors for a center, right?”  Thirty minutes later, I had the contact information I needed and was ready to roll!

Fast forward until today, having made contact with the center’s director I was told they might be able to meet with me in three weeks.  At first, I felt a let down but then quickly realized A) I was not told “No.” B) I need to be contacting other centers. C) I still need to contact my cousin. D) I now have time to arrange for some of my other needs.

Here is one final note of interest.  The plane was a Boeing 757 and I was in seat 38A, a window seat on the left side of the plane, and the flight was 147 minutes late.