Breathe Into The Ocean

Jai Bhagwan!

PracticeI have been taking my own advice to heart and I’ve been writing down those wandering thoughts I can remember after my morning sadhana.  Interestingly enough, I made that my intention this morning and my mind was right back to useless chatter.  I had also determined that I would hold each posture until I had a silent mind.

Here, then, is what I noticed this morning:  Ujayi breath brings the mind back to bodily focus.  When the mind starts demanding attention and ujayi breath alone isn’t enough, open or close the eyes.  Firming down through the buttocks and inner thighs properly can be used to pull the pelvis forward which creates a rock solid foundation for back bends.  That foundation naturally presses the spine upward rather than letting it collapse which results in greater bellagio-osity.  When holding stage II in natarajasana, fix the gaze on the finger tips for greater stability.  Colors tend to fade as my inward focus becomes intense—there’s always a flash of “Don’t pass out!” when this starts.  Of course, the mind likes to pick up on this, “Hey!  No colors!  Awesome!” at which point all the colors flood back.

The extended holding, however, was really the most powerful aspect of the first half this morning.  Rushing energy (3:45 AM has never felt so ALIVE!), intense relaxation.  If your sadhana is becoming a bit lack-luster, slow the pace way down.  Really FEEL each motion.  Sink into the pose and hold it like there is no tomorrow and then rest, eyes closed.  Feel what the body has to express.