Failure is Not an Option

OMUsually when we think of this phrase, Failure is not an option, we are demanding success at any cost.  Such an expectation is unrealistic, there are simply too many variables and, likely, so very few of those variables that we can actually control.  So, how can we ever say that failure is not an option?  And yet, that is exactly what I discovered this morning during sadhana.

Eric was leading the practice and was taking us through the second side of utthita padahastasana when he asked us to close our eyes.  After a moment he said, Now whether you supposedly succeed or supposedly fail . . . and then I fell out of the pose.  As I did so, I felt a peal of laughter within that shouted, There is no failure!  Everything that happens is successful so long as we experience it.  Burnt toast is a raging success if we have, by burning the toast, learned how to not burn the toast but it is an even greater success if we learned how to not burn the toast and we were able to be undisturbed by the burnt toast currently sitting in the toaster.  I have read Doctrine & Covenants 122:7 many times but it was only now that I comprehended it.  Know thou, my son, that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good.

Failure has always been a great fear of mine.  Most of us have a fear of failure, of course.  At times, however, my fear has been immobilizing and even debilitating.  I’ve postponed and completely ignored projects.  I’ve avoided chasing my dreams, I’ve even stopped dreaming out of fear of failure.  I simply cannot express what a freedom it is to have come to this realization.  Even now tears well up as I relive this experience.

If I had more free time, I would love to write much more.  However, as yesterday’s post about the schedule shows, I have precious little time and there is a 200+ page manual sitting before me that requires my attention—yes kids, if your reading this that is, your dad has homework every day here!