OMI am terribly excited about my upcoming trip to Florida to receive teacher training at the Amrit Yoga Institute and therein lies the great irony.  Yoga, the real thing and not the just the exercises, is about unifying body, mind and spirit to allow the witness, the seer, the true self to become manifest.  Wow, that sounds a bit esoteric.  Yoga is designed to unite one’s body, mind and spirit so that one’s true nature can shine through.  Our true nature is bliss.  As our body, mind and spirit work together, merge into each other, we enter a state of bliss where we are simply happy to be, to exist.  We become completely unruffled by the pressures of the world around us because we know that the only truly important thing is simply being.  Things that pull us out of this blissful state can be seen as distractions which keep us from being who we truly are.

Within each of us is a perfect being struggling to exist in an imperfect world.  The more tied we are to the reality around us, the more that reality seeps into us and deadens that perfect being that each of us is.  The more tied we are to the reality within, the more our perfection is freed and the more it seeps into the reality around us.  The irony is that I am so attached to this event which is in the outside reality that I am struggling to focus inwardly at all and yet the very purpose of this training to better focus inward!