Revitalize, Simplify and Do It!

OMAs you will immediately notice, if you’ve been here before that is, I’ve given the site a major face lift.  I’ve tried to simplify the available information, tried to streamline the navigation and, hopefully, by doing so have made it easier for me to keep a dynamic flow of new content.  Feel free to send me a comment or two about the new look and semi-new feel of the place.  Is it good?  Is it bad?  What do you think?

One of the newest features here on the site is the Daily Meditations linked at the left.  On that page, I’ll drop some kind of inspirational thought or quote that can be used during meditation or just the odd noodling session during the day.  If you have any meditation worthy quotes or ideas, feel free to email them to me using the link at the bottom of the page.

One last note before I head for class, I am going to reissue the 30 Week Challenge on 1 January 2009.  If you feel that this is just too much of a commitment, feel free to make a smaller challenge for yourself but make sure that you share it with us and I’ll put your goal up on the Challengers! page linked at the left.