Release The Hounds!

EDY Blog LogoShanna and I took the dogs to the shelter today.  I know, after months of agonizing over this, that we really had no other choice under the current circumstances, not if we really loved our dogs.  This was not as hard as putting our dear CC to sleep—she had feline distemper and was in terrible pain—but it still tears at my heart in an awful way.  Both the dogs, however, were very excited to meet all those nice people and see so many other dogs!  I’ll post a link to their adoption pages once they are available.

After having given the prospect of returning to Wellsphere a great deal of thought, I won’t be returning there.  The site is quite unwieldly.  The fact that it is still impossible to know whether content was created on the site or siphoned via news feed and the fact that my concern over the ownership issue was never directly addresses has all left me wanting to remain distanced from the site.  The great irony, if the Terms of Use had simply stated that by agreeing to allow them to publish my content that I was agreeing to give them ownership of a copy of my work, like a library, then there would have been no problem . . . well, except that they were linking to images on my sight and driving my bandwidth up without actually sending me viewiers.  I was told that they, Wellsphere, never remove content from their sight once it has been published unless it is deemed objectionable.  It doesn’t matter because I already when through all my posts that landed on the Wellsphere and deleted the content.  Oh, just a reminder that it’s likely that you have not yet read all of the posts from the past five days.

PracticeI am so looking forward to my practice tonight—I practice privately before class.  I have a number of issues to work out of my system tonight and I am very anxious to hit the mat!

Oh yeah, be sure to read about the 30 Week Challenge on 01 October 2008!