More on Mentors

Life is full of learning if we simply look to find it.  I was exceptionally disappointed Saturday due to the exceptionally poor attendance at Saturday’s session.  Immediately self-doubt crept into my mind, What if the reason the ONLY repeat people were my wife and daughter was because they were only there to give me moral support?  My first instinct was to just bag it all and go home.  As MO and I continued breathing, I heard the outer doors open and SO walked in just a moment later.  We continued with the session, making some modifications to the asanas we were doing.  As we continued, I decided that I had made a commitment to lead these practice sessions and, in the spirit of satya I would follow through with what I said I would do even if no one else ever came.  With that resolve I decided that, as people didn’t show up, I would simply set the schedule to be what I wanted it to be and as the previous entry shows, I was leaning toward just Saturday mornings at 7 and 8 AM.  During and after church yesterday, I had four separate people come up to me and ask how many came to the session Saturday.  When I told them, they each expressed sorrow at the situation along with why they had not been there.  One was ill, another had prior committments and another mentioned thinking it was supposed to have been in the morning.  Now I am planning to continue with both the two morning sessions and the alternating evening session.

Emotions, especially strong ones, are great teachers if we will let them.  Negative emotion is the herald of a great lesson to be learned and positive emotion is the fruit of a great lesson learned.  I was angry and embarrassed that no one besides my family came.  That anger changed to a resolve to complete what I had started and then as I learned why people had missed the session, that resolve became a need to make even more sessions available.  With that determination to try and give more rather than be angry and stop the sessions altogether came a peace and comfort stronger than any anger I had felt on Saturday.

With that, if you are in the Pleasant Grove, Utah, vicinity and are interested in these practice sessions, please review the session schedule under the Practice Sessions menu.