A Great Mentor

At first glance, tonight’s class was a dismal failure.  SegoLilly and MO were the only ones that came to class.  The only reason I suggested an evening class was so more people could actually attend.  Clearly that backfired.  Honestly, teaching an evening class really fouls up the rest of the day which is why I suggested the 7 AM class in the first place.  I still want to make this class accessible so I’m leaning toward teaching both a 7 and 8 AM class.  The class itself, the pace and the like, went exactly as I had planned it.

As to the title of the entry, I am not the great mentor but rather disappointment is in this case.  It would, quite honestly, be easy to simply decide to drop the classes all together but I shall continue teaching through the end of April.  If, at that time, I’m still having issues with not having people attend then I’ll just drop the class.  The disappointment has helped me to evaluate why I am teaching and why I’m actually disappointed.

Well, I’ve a great deal more to write about the Great Mentors, hardship and heartache, but I’m exhausted and so I’m heading to bed.