A Welcome Visitor

It would appear that my blog was blessed with a most welcome visitor last night, Quinn Battersby.  If you’ve been reading this blog, then you know about my concern over a comment that was submitted recently by Quinn.  I truly believe that all involved have come away somewhat better for it, more mindful of our actions and their consequences.  This, my friends, is Yoga just as practicing asanas or pranayama or dhyana are also Yoga.

Continuing with my desire that this event cause as little harm as possible, allow me to introduce Quinn Battersby.  He seems a very intelligent and, to look at his portfolio, skilled young man who is just as creative in his approach to advertising, marketing, graphic and web design today as he was yesterday, only today he may be just a bit more mindful.  If I lived near the Kitchener area, I would buy him lunch but 1,900 miles is a bit too far to drive for lunch.  You can visit his web site, logowww.qbattersby.com, to learn a bit more about him.