Do No Harm

Those who truly practice Yoga the world ’round know that a yogi does one’s best to not bring harm to another.  Such yogi also know that one must also live in the way of truth.  What to do when speaking the truth will cause harm?  Then one must weigh the good of speaking the truth against the harm it will cause and against the future good it might do.  When the balance falls toward the truth, then speak, but when the balance falls toward harm, then do not speak.  Regardless, think before you speak.

Such was the case Sunday, my first impulse was to write a scathing entry and hold individuals up for ridicule.  Instead, I breathed and meditated upon the situation.  I realized that it was quite possible that David Tiviluk had no idea what had been done on behalf of his new Bikram Yoga studio.  The email I received this morning confirmed that realization.  As I said yesterday, my intent with my entry is to cause as little harm as possible; rather, my intent is to bring about something good.  I would hope this will broaden Quinn B.’s view.  I personally like intrusive advertising, when it is not obtrusive.  One great example is the man hole coffee cup.

Having said all that, allow me to show my sincerity in causing no harm by making the following announcement here:

Coming April 1st 2008!

Bikram’s Yoga College of India
Kitchener – Waterloo

“The Original Hot Yoga!”
663 Belmont Ave. West, Kitchener, N2M 1N8

Director: David Tiviluk
Phone: 519-749-9888

Opening Class Schedule
Monday-Friday: 9:30am, 5:30pm & 7:30pm
Saturday/Sunday: 10:00am & 4:00pm

David, I wish you well in your endeavor!