The Way Forward

Well, I decided that I will simply have to build my own floor.  My mat is longer than the floor available online and I personally think that 30 inches is really just not wide enough.  The distance between my hands in svasana is around 40 inches meaning that the edges of a 30 inch floor would hit right about half way between my wrists and finger tips.  Resting my hands on the edges of a floor is not a very good way to practice svasana as the last thing I need is two more things distracting me at that point.  Keeping my hands and arms closer to my body also isn’t an option as that makes me feel terribly congested inside.  Unfortunately, crafting my own floor requires a large work area that is well ventilated and I don’t have access to such a place that is also warm.  The location has to be at or above 60° Fahrenheit for the varnish to actually cure (dry and level) properly.  Anything below 60° means that the curing process takes days or weeks instead of hours.  Unfortunately, the average high temperature around here won’t hit 60° until early April.  Until then I am still in the waiting and planning mode; I will, however, be collecting the materials that I need to be able to complete this proejct.