This is just a quick note.  Writing the last entry, I wondered about the spelling of shavasana (also transliterated as savasana or svasana).  While doing a quick search on the spelling, I came across a message on a forum (where all three of the spellings listed here were used in the same thread) from a man who hates shavasana.  He then proceeded to describe something which is most definitely not shavasana.  I would feel safe in saying that all Yoga classes end in shavasana but I would also feel safe in saying that 90% or more of teachers of those classes are no longer concerned about the asana but are instead attempting to teach some form of pratyahara or dhyana.  Neither pratyahara, controlling your mind such that you can disengage from your senses, nor dhyana, meditation, can be truly taught, learned nor practiced in a meager five or ten minutes at the end of a class.  The best that can be accomplished is to relax the body and begin to still the mind.  The same effect can be achieved by actually focusing on shavasana.  Feel the alignment of your body, make the adjustments needed to make your arms, legs, back, head, neck and every other part of your body unnoticeable.  Doing that will relax your body and still your mind.

One other quick point, Yoga is to combine all the eight limbs together.