Mar 27

I just finished my lunch hour practice. Unfortunately, either because of early work schedules or sleeping people in the family room, I have only been able to practice once this week; well, twice now.  I already feel much improved, even by just a quick fifteen minute session.

I just finished up my evening practice.  I feel like my whole body just finished a very long and sensual yawn.  Speaking of yawning, breath is always mentioned as an important part of Yoga.  My practice tonight has helped me to begin to appreciate, just a little bit, the why behind the importance of breath.  My hamstrings are very tight and so standing and seated forward bends do not involve a great deal of bending where I am concerned.  Tonight as I bent into forward bend, I would breath deeply and as I exhaled I bent a little further and by the end of the pose, I found my nose between my knee caps.  Better, there was no extra discomfort and no muscle pulls!  This makes me want to look into some beginning paranayama (breathing) practices.

I am also beginning to feel restless in my practice.  I think that I may begin trying to do my own personal practice instead of only doing what is shown in the DVD practices.  Because the DVDs are very good and I am still not even a novice in this, the DVDs will remain the central part of my Yoga practices but perhaps twice a week I will practice on my own.  Should be interesting.