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I teach in the park for free.  Anyone living along the Wasatch Front is encouraged to attend regularly, everyone is welcome.  Previous experience with Yoga is not required.  Please bring your own mat.

Tues 8 pm:  Amirt Yoga Level I PG Community Center—$3.25 or membership

Tues 9 pm:  Yoga Nidra PG Community Center—$3.25 or membership

Fri 4 pm:  Yoga Youth PG Community Center—$3.25 or membership ages 8 – 16 **

Open Practice – Sat. 9 am, PG Community Center—$3.25 or membership

Class Descriptions

Amrit Yoga Level I:  This practice focuses on creating a strong body with a balanced, grounded and steady mind.  The class involves slow movements, extended holding in each posture and encourages a strong body awareness.  These features make the class accessible to most people regardless of physical condition.  No previous yoga experience required.

Yoga Nidra:  Guided meditation at its best.  Yoga Nidra is a sleep based meditation that does not require years of practice, a flexible body or intellectual understanding to practice.  It does require a willingness to explore a state of deep relaxation through a guided meditation process; delivered by an experienced yoga nidra facilitator.  Benefits:  1 hour of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to 4 hours of restful sleep.  Relieves stress, refreshes the mind, helps rebalance the endocrine system and strengthen the parasympathetic nervous system.  Daily practice can lower blood pressure, stabilize blood sugar levels and increase brain mass.

Youth Yoga:  This is the Amrit Yoga Level I class molded for kids.  It’s wiggly and giggly and sometimes full of stories about mythical warriors and brave journeys.  Just like adult life is full of stress; so are kids’ lives full of stress.  This class teaches the basics of Yoga and gives kids (and their brave parents) some tools to help manage the stress of homework, the playground and family life. **

Open Practice:  Open Practice is not a class.  I am not actually teaching during this time.  It is simply a time for friends to meet and practice together.

*I have a small number of mats available for $5 each.  Please email or call me at 801-251-6042 if you would like one of these mats.  6 mats still available.

**Youth 12 – 16 will be encouraged to join the Tuesday and Thursday groups as soon as it is clear they are ready.  Youth 8 – 11 will be encouraged to remain with the youth group.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to participate in the youth group with their children.

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  1. Hi Ramdas, would love our boys to experience this. They are newbies and can only do Sat 9am to start due to school schedule – is this ok? They are both teens.

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