A Modern Yogi

Earlier, I wrote this post on Facebook:

I woke at 3am.  "When you wake in the middle of the night and you’re just awake, it means God has a message for you."  Chandrakant

Open phone, "He Himself who (yaḥ ayam) (is) the Fortunate One (bhagavān), Śiva (śivaḥ), whose essence (svabhāvaḥ) is Absolute Freedom (svātantrya) (and) who is a compact mass (eka-ghanaḥ) of Consciousness (cit) (and) Bliss (ānanda) conceals (saḥ eva… gopanā-satattvaḥ san) His essential nature (sva-rūpa) of His own Will (sva-icchayā), (and,) like (iva) an actor (naṭaḥ), He plays (samāpannaḥ) the role (bhūmikām) of an experient (pramātṛ)"  I’ve read this, it’s with a picture I enjoy.  I should get up.

*****He’s ready but he won’t like it*****
The next post I see points to a site I’ve seen before but never felt a need to investigate.  Today was the day to read it. Four hours later, there is a man behind the curtain.

Today’s episode of The Life of Ramdas has, so far, been as entertaining as other episodes.  Today’s entertainment: tears.

When I first began this blog, I titled it Everyday Yoga because I felt that yoga needed to be an ordinary, everyday kind of thing.  The subtitle was, "The Life and Personal Practice of an LDS Yogi."

That subtitle now reads, "The Life and Sadhana of a Modern Yogi."

This is today’s theme song

Jai Bhagwan