The Great Secret

During Sunday’s satsang I spoke about the Great and Terrible Secret of Yoga.  The secret itself is simple: Consciousness is unchanging.  Krishna puts it to Arjuna this way:

Know that that by which all this universe is pervaded is indeed indestructible; no one is able to accomplish the destruction of the imperishable.

Neither is this (the embodied Self) born nor does it die at any time, nor, having been, will it again come not to be. Versus, eternal, perpetual, primeval, it is not slain when the body is slain.

Weapons do not pierce this (the embodied Self), fire does not burn this, water does not wet this, nor does the wind cause it to wither.

This cannot be pierced, burned, wetted or withered; this is eternal, all pervading, fixed; this is unmoving and primeval.

Bhagavad-Gita 2.17, 20, 23 & 24

What does that mean in plain English?  It means that it’s impossible to change the True Self in any way.  You can’t take anything away from it and you can’t add anything to it.  As I contemplated this two weeks ago, something made itself very clear.

If it’s impossible to change the True Self, then nothing I do matters.  As this thought rolled through Awareness, these words appeared out of the blue.

Your life, my life.
Your death, my death.

They mean nothing.
They are merely part of the dream.
They have no significance.

The enlightened know this.
This being so, why do the enlightened teach?
Their teaching is also of no significance.

They teach for the same reason adults help
children play checkers.


Most people focus on the fact that nothing matters.  This does one of two things to them.  If they realize the truth of that, they tend to fall into the "eat, drink and be merry" category.  This has led to a lot of "enlightened" people doing some pretty crazy things throughout history.

If they resist the truth of it, the one saying it—me in this case—is labeled as crazy, heartless or even dangerous.

Very few people realize the question at the end is the most important part.  Please, take the time to understand the question at the end and its answer.

If there is no significance then what is the purpose, the point of anything?  To reveal the nature of the divine to love its own creation.  To be that vehicle for so long as it is sustained.

For the enlightened, nothing matters, No Thing matters, and the purpose of life is to be a vehicle for the divine to love it’s own creations.  "The world no longer appears as mere ‘earth, earthy’, but as ‘apparelled in celestial light’, as an expression, and play of the Universal Consciousness, and the aspirant feels himself also as nothing but that consciousness." (Pratyabhijñahrdayam), pg 31)

Divinity In Action

Yesterday, I saw a picture of President Donald Trump.  Someone had tossed him a baseball and he was attempting to catch it.  The picture was accompanied by text about his dismal handling of the pandemic.  In the past, I would’ve liked the picture or made some snide comment about the President.  Instead, I saw him as apparelled in celestial light.

At that moment, I couldn’t have told you his name.  I didn’t know his history.  All I could see was an old man with fear on his face.  I could see his hand, fingers splayed awkwardly.  His shoulders pulled up in what looked like fear of being hit by the ball.

I felt how kindly I wanted to treat this old man. My heart ached and my eyes filled with tears.

A moment later, all of the past returned but I continued to see him with new eyes.  Those eyes are not blinded to the terrible mess; rather, they see with love this creation of the divine that does not know who it is.

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

The Ultimate Secret of Yoga and its immense power of healing are tied together with this experience.  Complete healing, moksha or liberation, means seeing what is exactly as it is and being filled with love for the creation of the divine.  It means being filled with love and compassion even for those that you believe you hate.

Jai Bhagwan