Life Couldn’t Be Better

Have you ever heard or used the phrase, “Well, it could be worse,” as if that’s something to cheer someone up?

On the surface, it appears true.  “Things could always be worse.”  Could they?  If things actually could be worse, wouldn’t they already be worse?

Things can always be worse, Ramdas!  You could be dying!

Could I?  If it were possible for me to be dying at this moment, wouldn’t I in fact be dying?  Based on everything that’s happened in my life to this point in time, it is impossible for me to be dying right now.  It is impossible for my life to be “worse” than it is right now based on everything that has happened until now.

Yes, life can and will change from moment to moment but, at this moment, it is impossible for my life to be any different than it is right now.  This moment is the best outcome, the only¬†outcome possible, based on everything that’s happened prior to it; so, it’s much more accurate to say, “Life couldn’t be better.”

Isn’t life wonderful?  Yes, it couldn’t be better.

Jai Bhagwan