Bonus Book Day

I have to make a bonus post for this 10 day adventure.  LIVE FREE! is, in a way, a summation of all the books I listed previously.

It provides a means of escaping from the mental and emotional anguish that life creates.  Reading was my great escape but just escaping the anguish of life leads to addiction.  LIVE FREE! shows you how to take the next step to free yourself from the prisons of the mind.

The first prison is reliving that moment over and over and over again.  Even if you’re reliving a moment of pleasure over and over, it becomes hell.

Writing this book has given me greater insight into my own experiences and, because I’ve been testing out the techniques in the book on my students [insert mad scientist laughter and hand-wringing], it’s already changed lives in dramatic ways and the book hasn’t even been published yet!

As many of you know, my practice of Amrit Yoga ended 30 years of depression but it took a number of years after that to clean up all the mess that I thought of as me.  I still find small piles of garbage lying around in here and it’s been 10 years!  What I’ve put into this book takes what I have discovered for myself, with the guidance of my guru, and streamlines the experience so it takes weeks instead of years.

Yes, it takes years to become established in freedom and ease but it doesn’t take decades to experience the peace that is available in this moment, right now.

LIVE FREE! will be available on Amazon in January.

Jai Bhagwan