Keep Calm and Love

keep-calm-and-love-2086136This morning I have wondered, as I often do, how I can ease the fear and suffering of others today; especially today?  I see so much fear today.  As I turned my desire to hug the world over, my wife sent me a message that George was struggling because of the election.

As we chatted, I realized that what I was sharing with him is what I need to share with you this morning.

love-conquers-fearThere were no burning buildings, raging mobs or zombie hordes running around as I drove to work this morning.  Many people feel like that is what must be happening but it isn’t.

Our government has checks and balances to keep any one branch of government from going nuts.  It’s the fear of everyday people that will cause us more problems than the election.  So, how do we conquer fear?

Love.  We love each other.

My love for you.  Your mom’s love for you.  Those will never change.

Let yourself feel your love for others.  Look for ways to share that love today.  See if it changes the fear you feel.

Jai Bhagwan