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Utah is full of Yoga studios.  Google Maps shows 61 Yoga studios between Bountiful and Provo.  Yoga is definitely popular in the Beehive State!  In any one of these studios, you’ll be able to walk in and get some kind of Yoga based workout.  You’ll soon be enjoying the attendant benefits of a Yoga practice as well:  Improved strength, stamina and flexibility along with shedding some of the stress that plagues you.  You might find that you really like your teacher and can follow them to the different studios where they teach.  Ashtanga, Bikram, Core, Groove, Hatha, Hot, Integral, Iron, Kundalini, Power, Vinyasa, Yin, you will find them all and more!  You’ve practiced hours and hours of Yoga and what have you learned?

Teaching in a studio setting focuses on leading postures and leaves no real time to teach Yoga.  For this reason, I am happy to announce the creation of the Wasatch School of Yoga.  The purpose of this school is not to have 62 Yoga studios in the area nor is it to draw students away from the area’s 61 studios.  Rather, the school exists to teach you Yoga, to give you tools that you can take back to your favorite studio or home and greatly enhance your own practice.

Wasatch School of Yoga
provides a novel approach to teaching Yoga.  We offer courses of Yoga study, not daily Yoga classes.  You will dive into the depths of Yoga and discover that you already know how to swim.  Courses will include Yoga practices along with student materials, recordings and other study materials to give you a complete Yoga experience.

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