It’s Science!


Each week as I’ve written about the postures used in Surya Namaskar, I’ve ended the post with an experiment for you to try at home.  Yoga is a science, it is full of experiments for you to try and, as you try them, you begin creating your own experiments.  Yoga experiments tend to begin as fairly simple questions like, “What happens if I hold this pose for 1, 2 or 5 minutes?”  Then they become a bit more complex, “Why do I feel like I am about to fall off a tall ladder when I move into Ushtrasana?”  They even start to spill off the mat, “Do I create this problem?”

Along the lines of the last question, I conducted an experiment of my own yesterday.  I wrote yesterday’s post as planned and scheduled it to publish at noon.  I did everything as I usually do except for this:  I did not put a link to the new post on Facebook.

Readership has been fairly constant since I started writing again, thank you everyone!  I wanted to know how many of you readers arrive via my Facebook posts and how many of you have subscribed to the news feed or use some other way of knowing when a new post is published.  Over half of the traffic to this site comes directly from my Facebook post which is great!  At the same time, that means if I don’t put a link up on Facebook, which is a real possibility as I schedule post to publish automatically, over half of you won’t know anything was published.  Oh, what a terrible fate!

Take Control

You can easily take this into your own hands by clicking one of the Blog Feed links in the Subscriptions block at the top right of this post.  I will continue to post links through Facebook but there may be days when that just does not happen.  I hope you continue to enjoy reading Everyday Yoga.

Jai Bhagwan