Don’t Just Sit There!

Note:  Each Thursday I will be posting entries from an old blog of mine.  Most of these posts are from 2010; so, some of you may remember reading them and for the rest, they’re new to you!  Enjoy!

April 2010Ramdas1e

That seems to be the mission statement of life today.  Play a video game, shoot some hoops, garden, watch a movie, read a book, play a sport, take a walk but you simply must be doing something.  Even when people say they are doing nothing, it generally means that whatever they are doing is not worth mentioning.  Why?  The reasons are endless: ‘Adults don’t do that’, ‘It’s a waste of time’, ‘It’s boring’, ‘I would die of embarrassment if anyone knew’ and the list grows from there.

Here are two very interesting questions for you to ponder:  What is so terribly wrong with just doing nothing?  When was the last time you did nothing?

Finally, here is a little experiment for you to try and I would like to get some feedback on this either by email or by comment.  Do nothing.  Allow me to suggest a few things which will make your exeperience in doing nothing a little easier.  Turn off your phone, turn off the television and computer.  Find a timer and set it for five or ten minutes.  Sit in a comfortable position—on the floor, in a chair, on a couch, doesn’t matter—close your eyes and do nothing.  Don’t fidget, don’t think, don’t even wiggle.  The timer will guarantee that you don’t ‘waste’ too much time doing nothing.  Remember to let me know how your experiment went!

Jai Bhagwan!