Lifting Some Hearts

Lifting Hearts Spa Day 2013Before last week, I had never heard of Lifting Hearts.  They are a breast cancer support group here in Utah County.  This weekend they are sponsoring a free spa day for survivors from all over Utah.

As I said, I had never heard of this group until last week.  It was then that I received a message about an urgent need of a yoga teacher to help with a spa day for some cancer survivors.  I immediately said yes and now I will be offering three 30 minute gentle yoga sessions and one 30 minute yoga nidra session as part of Lifting Hearts’ free spa day.

If you know of anyone who is a breast cancer survivor, please let them know about this event.  Cancer afflicts only a small segment of the population and breast cancer an even smaller segment; however, it affects many more—the family and friends of those diagnosed.  I know three strong women who are survivors and I have lost a beloved friend to complications from breast cancer.  These four women continue to be a source of inspiration to me.  I am thrilled to be able to give back to them both directly as I teach them yoga and indirectly as I help their fellow cancer survivors.

Again, if you know any breast cancer survivors in Utah, please tell them about this event.

It’s really important that we have as many survivors there as possible, because this is a BIG fundraiser for Lifting Hearts.  It’s FREE for survivors – all you have to do is show up and get pampered.  That’s it!  But, it’s important that we DO show up so that Walmart will remain excited to help us out each year.  So, please do come.

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Jai Bhagwan!

I will be teaching gentle yoga at 8:30, 9:30, 10:30 and yoga nidra at 11:30.  Click the flyer image above for more details.