Closing the Studio

Final-BW2-single layerThis is not a post I ever expected to be writing. As those of you who are students or family and friends of my studio, Wasatch Yoga, already know, the studio is closing. What I want to do is clear up some of the questions that I’ve heard are being asked about why the studio is closing and what to do next.

First, why close? I wrote “my studio” but it’s really “our studio”. The other half of that “our” is my sweethearted friend, Dhruti. She was my student at the time opening a studio came into my head and I asked her to become my business partner and fellow teacher in the new studio. Since that time, we have both grown immensely and had many great experiences together and closedsmallwith new students who quickly became our Wasatch Yoga friends and family. All of this being true, why close? The answer is simple: We are fantastic teachers and fair studio owners but when we combined the two, we slowly became fair teachers and pitiful owners. We have to devote all our energy toward one or the other. It doesn’t make any sense to be fair studio owners with no teachers but it’s quite normal to be a teacher who does not own a studio. Realizing this, the decision became, relatively, easy.

Wasatch Yoga Studio has been an expression of our passion for Yoga, of our need to share that passion with others and of our friendship. Our passion for Yoga is not any less. We both still need to share that passion with others and we are still dear friends. The studio, this specific expression, is the only thing coming to an end. The sources of this expression—passion for Yoga, sharing and friendship—are all still healthy, vibrant and very much alive.

What is next? I have been asked if I will try to start another studio or if I plan to stop teaching. The answer to both of those is a simple “No.”future What am I going to do? In the short run, I am going to take advantage of the summer weather and practice in a park on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings and anyone that wants to join me is welcome to come practice with me. I am also, slowly, writing a book about Yoga; so, I will devote more time to that and to my own practice. The first book is about Yoga and being a Mormon, that’s a question that people always ask me. The last person to ask it was the woman I sat next to on my flight home from Florida on Monday. In the long run, I will teach. I don’t know where or under what circumstances and that is OK. I do know that I will always continue to teach.

What about Dhruti, will she continue to teach? We’ve talked a bit, friends do that now and then! 🙂 In the course of our talking, she has shared that formal teaching of Yoga may not really be her path but that she will definitely continue to share Yoga and continue to learn and experience all she can about Yoga. I am not sure exactly what the future holds for me; so, I am even less sure what the future holds for Dhruti but one thing is sure, we remain fast friends. I also know this, talking to more friends than just me would help her know where the future leads. That’s very true for me too; so, please write or call or visit each of us and definitely come to the celebration at the studio next week on the 18th at 7 PM.

I know that many of you who are regulars at Wasatch Yoga are asking yourselves similar questions: What is next? What am I going to do? Some of you worry that you can’t do it on your own. Let me assure you that yes, you could do it on your own BUT you don’t need to. While the weather holds, come to the park on Wednesdays and Saturdays to practice with me. We can find times and places for some Yoga Nidra now and then or for when the weather turns cold to continue practicing. Most importantly, know that you are my friends and I don’t abandon my friends.