Florida Retreat: Day 1


Well, the real day one was yesterday.  It was a day filled with laughter and hugs as I met many familiar faces and many for the first time.  The most entertaining moment was while I was trying to find someone who knew where I was assigned to be sleeping.  I found some friends at the Kitchen House—literally a house that is used for the kitchen staff and all the cooking—and we made some phone calls.  Hamsa answered the phone and I said, “Hamsa, this is Ramdas.”  “Really, it is?” came her reply and then the line went silent.  I knew that for some reason her brain was saying Ram Dass and it turned out she had been listening to his CDs throughout the day.  We’ve had quite a laugh about it since.

You might remember that I injured my back on the 15th of June.  I am happy to report that I am pain–free and have been able to move into most postures during both sadhana times today.  This morning we practiced for about an hour and then spent about that same amount of time with Gurudev.  This morning he spoke on being at peace with what is.  We often think this means that I have to be happy and thrilled that I hurt my back.  No.  It means that when I am upset with my back being hurt, I am at peace with being upset.

Tonight we met with Gurudev again.  He shared with us that it is his passion for yoga and for what it does for him that drives everything he does.  With that great passion, he has no fear and no hesitation in teaching.

Finally, here are some photos of where I lay my head at night.

My Cubicle in the main lodge.
My Cubicle in the main lodge.
The upstairs dorm area in the main lodge.
The upstairs dorm area in the main lodge.  Click to enlarge.

Jai bhagwan and love to you all.