What You Ask For

Earlier this evening I received a very exciting phone call and follow-up email.  Before I say anything more about that, let me tell you a little about my way home from Florida last month.  As I drove, I really felt my own desire to teach.  I also found the source of that desire to teach: Love.  I Love and I express that love best through teaching.  Teaching allows me to spread the joy and happiness that I have.  I acknowledged all of this to God as I drove, we had plenty of time to talk during my three days of travel.

I realized that I had recognized this while I was actually in Florida training still, I also realized that I expected some kind of miracle when I returned home.  I knew that I needed to do a couple of things; so, I did that and now I was expecting the pay off, miracle time.  Nothing or so I thought.  Fast forward to Monday night of this week and I’m having another conversation with God—actually, we talk daily but we were back to the subject of teaching again.  Basically the conversation went like this:  “I want to teach and only teach.  I don’t know how to make it happen; so, I’m letting it go.  I know you want me to teach too; so, I’m leaving it in your hands now.”  “OK” was the reply.  The last time I did that, I said I was done with the dating game, if I’m to be married then you will have to arrange it.  OK was the reply then too and two weeks later Shanna called me for a date and eight months later we were married.

That was 48 hours ago and since then things are moving of their own accord.  Two possible opportunities have arisen for me to introduce Yoga Nidra to groups that provide counseling and now, as I wrote at the beginning, I have received a very exciting phone call and email.  A friend knows of an opening teaching yoga in a corporate setting.  He called me about it and forwarded on all the information he had about the opening.

Here’s the funny thing:  I have no more expectation.  I know, for a fact, that this story will resolve itself exactly as it is intended to be.  We’ll have a great opportunity to watch it unfold together.

Jai Bhagwan.