Why I Teach

Whether you like yoga or the way I teach is really none of my concern.  I don’t teach to be liked.  I don’t teach to collect a following of students.  I teach because there is immense power in yoga to experience CHANGE.

If you are not yet willing to CHANGE, then perhaps aerobics or weight lifting or even some yoga classes at Gold’s Gym would be more in line with where you need to be right now.  So, what kind of changes might you see if you commit yourself to a regular practice with me or with Dhruti at Shanta Yoga?  You might see greater flexibility, strength and balance.  You could lower your blood pressure and reduce your mental and emotional stress.  You might even find more happiness and joy in every day life.

How can simple stretching do all of this?  Well, that’s the secret isn’t it?  Come to the studio and I’ll happily share all my secrets with you.

Jai Bhagwan