Sadhana—Day 5

09:00 Asana—60 minutes

Postures in the studio this morning.  Often one or two thoughts will flit in and out of awareness during postures and today was no different; the thoughts, however, were very different.  Once question returned time and again, “Why practice Yoga?”  Yoga started off as an experiment for me.  Then I did it because my family no longer had to tolerate me, they actually liked being around me.  Why continue the practice?  Make no mistake, there was no feeling that I should quit, it was simply a question of what moves my practice now?

The answer came during Virabhadrasana I, there was no nausea I should add, and it was simple:  Devotion. 

I did not finish this post when I began it and knew that not finishing it would lead to a detour in my daily practice and it did. 3-19-2012