We’re #31!

The other day, I received an email from Ken Martin over at NursingSchools.net to say that Everday Yoga Blog is listed in their 100 Incredible Yoga Teachers Who Blog at #31.  I didn’t even know EDY was in the running!  To be honest, I was preparing to retire EDY and move everything over to ShantaYoga.com but this email from Ken made me remember that EDY has been here, in one form or another, since 2002 and I probably should keep that alive by leaving EDY here and continuing to post here.

Until next time, Namasté!

  • I have a daily yoga practice. Well, until a coplue of months ago it was a daily qi gong practice, and by daily I mean six out of seven mornings.Most often its an intuitive practice where I start with a pose or series and then carry on with whatever occurs to me. When I have an ache or an emotion, I focus my session on releasing that. Some days its 15 minutes, some days its almost an hour, mostly somewhere in the middle. When I’m not very motivated I follow a lovely Shiva Rea CD I’ve had for years, or open a yoga book for inspiration.I haven’t been to a regular yoga class for years (tho I try and get a few Bikkram sessions in when I’m in Melbourne). So my form is probably a bit wack (though I try hard), and I don’t usually hold a pose as long as I would in a class and I am more likely to repeat my favourites and avoid great challenges. Its an undisciplined discipline that I practice.But I figure something is better than nothing, and a total of three hours of yoga over six days is probably better than one 90 minute class a week, and I wouldn’t go every week anyway because I like staying home. So my home practice is good enough and besides I love it and love the way it starts my day with positive energy.