Profound Stillness

Jai Bhagwan!

Every pose came without effort, there was such relaxation that the right knee slipped wrong during surya namaskar and there was a bit of muscle pain associated with it.  Tightened legs protected the knee.  Deep liquid heat ran down the outside of the right thigh and into the knee during prasarita padottanasana.  That knee has slowly been increasing in irritation, will have to listen to it carefully for the next few days.  There is no residual pain in that knee or leg.

Jana, one of the front desk ladies, asked if I was OK after I came downstairs.  She said I looked a bit sleepy.  There was no sleepiness, only an absolute and profound stillness.  There was also a torrent of Prana racing throughout and when the car door was finally closed, it errupted as flood of sound that left the sinuses humming.