Eye of the Storm

Jai Bhagwan!

Today’s sadhana was at the local community center which doubles as physical education space for the local high school.  Just started the first round of surya namaskar when a loud gaggle of teenagers ran past.  Today’s intention was ruthless determination in the postures.  I had Wednesday’s class hold each pose longer than I normally do to help emphasize tapas.  As I watched my students holding tadasana, my body just ached to be holding the posture with them.  The result was that I experimented with intense holding within my own sadhana.  The releases were nearly uncontrollable they were so powerful.

PracticeWhile moving into utthita parsvakonasana I could distinctly feel my hips rotating as I extended my torso.  I immediately grabbed my hip bones and used them to rotate my pelvis forward.  The end result was a much more intense stress in the hamstrings and inner thighs.  Using this idea of manual roation of the hips resulted in much deeper forward bends/stretches which had a huge imparct on pashimottanasana.