Lunar issues

Jai Bhagwan!

Today’s darshan was a bit different, we had a lecture with Gurudev and then he led us through a pranayam.  It was a very notable experience.  Practicie teaching is progressing remarkably, there is not one of us that has not improved dramatically since our “pre-test” on Sunday.  I just realized that today is Friday—it seems I have been here all my life and yet only a week and a day has passed since I arrived and, at the same time, the days have flown by one after the other.

OMGurudev compared the light of consciousness to the sun, it is self-illuminated.  The mind, he said, is the moon and simply reflects the light of the consciousness.  As we become more and more wrapped up in the thoughts and concerns of the mind, we become more and more identified with the reflected light of the moon rather than the unreflected light of the sun.  In short, we become lunatics.