Jai Bhagwan!

Who are you and how do you face life?  Most of us do enough to get by.  Most of us refuse to really live our lives.  Most of us are mediocre.  This morning Eric pushed us to the point of breaking, we practiced for an hour an a half using maybe five or six postures and relatively short transitions between those postures.  We were told to give 100% of all our energy in every moment of the practice, to hold on to each posture as if our very lives depended upon it.  There was yelling and stamping of feet.  There was moaning and harsh breathing.  None of us died but many of us would have liked to at times.  So it was that we saw with knife like clarity when we were mediocre and when we were remarkable.  Mediocratity is not shaking in the pose, it is blaming the teacher for making us hold so long and buying into that blame.  Being remarkable is not standing stock still after hold a pose for an eternity, it is trembling and sweating and feeling unbearable sensation and continuing to breathe and be fully present.

I will not be putting my classes through this same experience, for now, but I will pose the question:  Are you mediocre, doing enough to just get by or are you remarkable, even if you fail?